Transdisciplinary Research on urban sustainability transitions at the Dutch Research Institute for Transition DRIFT


AREA of socio-ecological sustainability transformations

Greening and densifying urban development in the city of Rotterdam

TOOLS for Knowledge co-production between scientists and practitioners

  • Visioning of desirable futures
  • Backcasting of solutions to reach the visions

scientific METHODS for transdisciplinary knowledge integration

  • Various modelling tools to assess the impact of densification/greening, analysed with Geographical Information Systems in Rotterdam.
  • Multi-criteria assessment of the densification/greening strategy of Rotterdam
Tools for knowledge co-production
Transition management in the urban context. Guidance manual.

Five European cities pioneered with transition management, a governance approach aimed at creating space for new paradigms and practices, to address climate change at the local level. This guidance manual offers an introduction to transition management, illustrated by the experienc-es in five different urban contexts.


Project synthesis

Rotterdam: people make the inner city.

How can the relatively sparsely inhabited inner city of Rotterdam be densified in a sustainable manner? Is this possible? Under what criteria?

These issues have been investigated by a team comprising the Municipality of Rotterdam, Interreg IVB project MUSIC, TNO, Doepel Strijkers, Sander Lap and Drift. They gathered strategies that have been applied by architects, developers and the Municipality and selected from them successful forms of densification and greenification: in all, seven of each. These were then assessed against the city’s sustainability profile.


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