Organic Farming

Transdisciplinary research on social economy business models for organic farming


Area of socio-ecological sustainability transformations

New business models for supporting local and organic/low-input agriculture

TOOLS for Knowledge co-production between scientists and practitioners

Science-practitioners workshops

Project synthesis

The importance of the solidarity economy for the development of organic farming in Europe, past and present

The research project examines how agricultural initiatives based on the solidarity economy can promote the growth of organic farming in Switzerland and its neighbouring countries France, Germany, Austria, and Italy. To this end, it is important to show where the opportunities and limitations of organic farming lie in relation to the development of new, associative, and cooperative-oriented economic forms, which in themselves represent central problem areas – well beyond organic agriculture – for the sustainable renewal of current food systems. The project also investigates which agricultural policy frameworks have a conducive or hindering effect on the spread of organic initiatives based on the solidarity economy.

In addition to basic research, the transdisciplinary project aims at an interactive integration of the expertise of solidarity economy/organic farming actors from practice, policy, and research, and supports their creation of national and transnational networks. The development of a cross-cultural, transdisciplinary platform is aimed at strengthening the dialogue and exchange of experience across national, linguistic, and cultural borders, making it possible to have pro-active knowledge transfer between organic farming and solidarity agriculture beyond the duration of the project.

Further, the project aims at developing and identifying measures which support – politically, economically, socially, and financially – the conditions for promoting organic initiatives based on the solidarity economy. The measures will then be discussed and introduced as part of an enhanced “policy dialogue” between the various stakeholders and other regional and national agricultural platforms.


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The importance of the solidarity economy for the development of organic farming
L’économie sociale et solidaire et l’agriculture écologique