Transdisciplinary Research Partnerships for Social and Ecological Sustainability

Transition blog

The transition blog documents initiatives that contribute to social and ecological sustainability in the various areas of food, housing, ecosystems, mobility, energy, social economy, education and citizen participation.

Some citations of novelists dealing with social or environmental sustainability are collected in a separate literature blog.


Vecteur Montagne en Hautes Savoie, France, proposes activities to experiment, observe and understand our environment. The barefoot exploration of the protected wetland area “Tourbière de Sommand” is clearly a highlight of their offer. Read more …


Main focus area: sustainable tourism, education to the environment

The farm Les Coins de champ à Court-Saint-Etienne, Belgium, produces organic vegetables and sells them in the local food short chains. Read more…


Main sustainability areas: sustainable agriculture, sustainable construction


Defining Transdiscipinarity

Transdisciplinary partnership research aims at advancing fundamental understanding or solving problems in complex societal systems by relating societal with scientific problems and by integrating different scientific and extra-scientific modes of knowledge production.



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